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LeaderDoc is an innovative integrated service System for document management and overridable filing. It specialises in document archiving and consulting, the automated management of company workflows, overridable filing and the management of goods transportation with graphometric signature..
With the platform offered by LeaderDoc, documents can be rapidly, efficiently and directly filed, indexed and consulted as well as sorted by activity, practice, customer and much more.
Workflows from each company department can be managed and procedures can be controlled to make them more simple and flexible.
The overridable filing module digitalises and keeps fiscal documents, electronic PA invoices, correspondence and much more, as the law requires, thus reducing the amount of printed paper and the space needed to archive it.
By integrating document management , overridable filing, graphometric signatures and tablets and by processing, in real time, the documents received from the customers, we have created a platform able to manage goods transport, thus eliminating paper.
This allows you to periodically extract data regarding your files quickly and speedily for further verification or to see past information.