Leaderform has developed a wide range of solutions to satisfy every document management requirement along the entire production cycle: from the moment the document is created to its sending via multi-channels to its addressing, storing and overridable filing.
From paper to digital, every step is subject to strict control procedures that guarantee document conformity.

A flexible and constantly updated data input structure that guarantees every Customer communication management in outsourcing, avoiding any intervention of an IT nature on the databases and in total conformity with the laws in force.

Every activity involved in document composition is a fundamental aspect that makes any communication effective, as is defining the objectives, which may often be multiple and with several levels of complexity. For this reason, Leaderform has a highly specialised software environment with integrated functions that is able to help every customer to define the communication rules and the graphic design, as well as to develop the variable data layout (in colour, black and white, with dynamic images and graphics), document authoring, formatting and versioning.

Whether local or remote, Leaderform provides a flexible and scalable system for managing the various outputs, thus guaranteeing the chance to actively and automatically define the addressing of every single data flow to the final destination, whether it be a documental platform for archiving, consulting or sharing, or a printing and delivery process.

Leaderform has developed a tried and tested environment for monitoring every document flow. The system offers innumerable functions:

  • immediate consultation from browsers
  • in-depth search through indexes or full text
  • logical document organisation
  • multi-use / multi-group management
  • check-in/check-out of archived and reviewed documents
Leaderform’s document platform offers innumerable services and strategic advantages: from document archiving, whether these are copies or electronic originals, to the management of transport documents via tablet, and overridable filing of a company’s fiscal documents (digital signatures, time stamp, fingerprint creation for Inland Revenue).
The competitive advantages of choosing Leaderform’s tools can simply be summarised by the following strong points:

  • paper substitution
  • possibility to consult documents on-line or on CDs /DVDs (useful in the case of inspections)
  • advanced backup/disaster recovery system
  • fewer stamp duty costs
  • no need to find physical filing space
  • use of an HSM for documents requiring mass signatures (no smart card or dongle pen drive)