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Leaderform places its know-how at disposal in order to follow the Customer every step of the way in the total and integrated management of one-shot or fulfilment Direct Advertising Campaigns. The effectiveness and quality of the end product are guaranteed.

Right from the initial stages, Leaderform flanks its customers in order to guarantee impeccable quality and, thanks to its incredible know-how, gained in over thirty years of being in the business, the company offers expert consultancy in designing mail packs (paper, inserts, cards, stickers, scratch-offs, etc.), in choosing the materials and the best postal fee for delivery.

A software platform, entirely developed by Leaderform itself, offers Database Management, Standardisation, Deduplica, List brokering, DEM and TEXT campaign services as well as preparation for documental, PP, PM and AR sending.
The company also has a flexible and constantly updated data input structure that allows every Customer to manage communication outsourcing in total conformity to the laws in force.

More traditional innovations and solutions, in accordance with the highest quality standards, are Leaderform’s trademark.
Whether it is bobbin or sheet technology or offset and digital, in colour or in black and white, the common denominators are always the same: quality, speed and communication customisation. A productive asset that is able to transform any communication idea into a finished product.

1,000,000 envelopes: the average daily production that Leaderform is able to guarantee. This is possible due to the most advanced enveloping technologies. Reliable and efficient, able to ensure monitoring and automatic sequence checking throughout the production cycle.
The flexibility of every line produces a wide offer of solutions, some absolutely innovative and of certain impact, like, for example, watch®, the panoramic envelope, or takelo, the removable and customisable label.
(#watch®; #takelo®)

Through the use of cutting-edge software and specialised staff, Leaderform guarantees the optimisation and correct sorting of every individual communication according to the Customer’s needs and sending channel selected.
Leaderform’s constantly update platform provides national and international delivery management with several daily cycles to all postal operators.
Knowing the redemption of a direct marketing campaign is a fundamental aspect for our customers. And Leaderform is well aware of this. For this reason, the Company follows its Customers every step of the way by means of target response analysis and final fine-tuning.