Leaderform benefits from technological and organisational assets that, within an integrated production cycle, make it a complete and all-round outsourcer for every activity concerning the generation, management and sending of obligatory communication documents, better defined as ‘ Business Communication.’
Statements, contracts, insurance receipts, invoicing, credit collection, etc. are communications that are generally produced in significant quantities by companies that have thousands of customers with whom they relate with a target: banking, insurance, telephone services, financial services, public utility services (electricity, water, gas, environmental hygiene) and Public Administration. Part of the market is made up of medium and small organisations (companies) for which Leaderform’s offers include standard solutions, tried and proven with large companies, that can therefore be repeated on a large scale.

Leaderform’s experience and know-how in data management have allowed it to develop an integrated software platform that offers complete Database Management, Standardisation, Deduplica, PP, PM and AR preparation for sending and documental services. The platform has a continually updated, flexible input data structure which guarantees each customer communication management in outsourcing, avoiding any intervention of an IT nature on the databases and in total conformity with the laws in force.

Every activity involved in document composition is a fundamental aspect that makes any communication effective, as is defining the objectives, which may often be multiple and with several levels of complexity. For this reason, Leaderform has a highly specialised software environment with integrated functions that is able to help every customer to define the communication rules and the graphic design as well as to develop the variable data layout (in colour, black and white, with dynamic images and graphics), document authoring, formatting and versioning.

Leaderform provides a flexible and scalable system for managing the various local and remote outputs which ensures the chance to actively and automatically define the addressing of every single data flow to the final destination:

  • printing
  • email
  • sms and fax
  • documental platform for storing, versioning and consulting.

Leaderform’s productive asset is able to ensure the feasibility of any communication idea that the Customer intends to follow up on, with the know-how of a company that is synonymous of professionalism and experience in deciding the best technological solution.
Highly flexible and scalable technologies come into play during printing – by bobbin and sheet, in colour and in black and white, offset or digital – that unite quality, speed and communication customisation.

The postal address is a fundamental focal point of the distribution and delivery process. For this reason, Leaderform using avant-garde software and specialised staff to guarantee optimisation and the correct sorting of every individual communication according to the Customer’s needs and the sending channel selected. Leaderform’s constantly update platform manages:

  • delivery in several daily cycles to all the national postal operators
  • delivery with foreign postal operators