Every single supply is carefully prepared for forwarding according to specific requirements and particular user basins. From production to follow-up, every activity is constantly monitored.


From simple mailing to the most particular paper printing techniques with inserts, cards, tags, stickers, scratch-offs, the company guarantees the creation of highly striking and top quality solutions


Integrated solutions in an advanced information system able to manage every stage of a document’s lifecycle and ensure conformity in going from paper to digital or the original digital layout.


Although the digitalized world nowadays offer many technological alternatives to reading from the paper, the charm of the book not only resists but increases, thanks to the new services offered by digital printing. The company provides monochrome and colour books with sewn or glued bindings and offers additional services such as colour printing customization with variable text and image datas. Digital printing allows to print small and medium print runs of books in various formats and with different covers: hard cover for prestigious publications; cover with flaps, elegant and professional; paperback cover, practical and original. Where the tactile and olfactory feelings, durability and the object aesthetic make paper books a fascinating and emotional product, the enhancement of the editorial product offered by digital printing process turns it into an irreplaceable object.

Professional printing, however, requires specific knowledge, for this reason it is important to rely on a partner with proven experience in the printing industry who can guarantee the highest quality with high productivity and  speed at an optimal price.

The opportunity

Letters, bills and statements are the hard core of customer communication. This is why transactional printing is an enormous marketing opportunity. Now more than ever, due to the potential of digital printing and the recent developments in the marketing field.

It can transform itself from a simple transactional document to the main means of communication with the customer and a fundamental part of the marketing mix.

The added value

Added value marketing services or merely printing activities?

According to the DMA, direct mailing is up to 30* times more effective than e-mail, even among the younger generations.
For this reason, knowing how to communicate, and knowing how to communicate in the right way, to the right target and with the most effective tools is a keystone for success.

*(source: Direct Marketing Association Survey, June 2012)

The potential

The habits of ordinary people have changed, the world is already digital.

Now more than ever, knowing how to position oneself on the communication market by offering services for the issue and use of documents, both for obligatory or marketing communications, with any communication means, is fundamental. Here and now.
In order to be constantly in contact with one’s own target in the effective marketing mix formula.